Q. Who can Make Nice?

Make Nice is for creative ladies. For (but not limited to) graphic, interior and fashion designers, curators, artists, freelancers, producers, photographers, artistic directors, writers, editors, stylists and illustrators. Women who have been working away in non-traditional, non-linear fields to connect with other creatives. In their own field and beyond

Q. Why should I Make Nice?

Making time to Make Nice will help grow your creative practice – through the inspiring stories of our keynotes, the professional advice and panel discussions, the connections with other attendees and the ideas and support that comes from bringing a diverse and talented group of women together.

Q. What’s Included?

In a nutshell, you’ll get food, education, community, party & fun.

Included in the ticket price will be opening night drinks, two full days of keynote presentations, panel discussions and round-table conversations, and a dinner and dance party for all attendees and speakers. It also includes breakfast both mornings from Love Soup, opening eats and dinner by Flour and Stone, wine by Cake Wines, beer by Two Birds Brewing, the finest coffee and tea (and non-alcoholic cocktails) by Sensory Lab and T Totaler, and a killer welcome bag.

Additionally, each attendee will be invited to a private online forum along with our speakers and sponsors that will be active year round. This is a space for ongoing dialogue, connecting people to opportunities and staying in touch with the founding group of attendees for Make Nice 2016. This group will grow with subsequent Make Nice events, creating an international alumni on an accessible platform that promotes collaboration and community.

Q. Who else Makes Nice?

You know about our keynotes, right? Oof. We’ve asked them along to share stories and experiences that go beyond their creative field because they are all around amazing babes with a lot to give. They’re not just going to talk at you, either - they’re going to be right there beside you, participating and engaging in the whole event. It’s basically a goldmine. I mean, Leslie’s client list is everyone! Elizabeth just photographed Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the New York Times! Adi’s new video for Nicolas Godin is spectacular! It’s more than a little exciting.

On top of that we’ve reached out to some very inspiring women through our #shemakesnice series – read about what they do, how they create, their dreams, big milestones. Essentially we’re pushing beyond the typical inspirational questions to all the nosy stuff we think is Really Very Important.

Oh, and you! We think you are a really important part of Make Nice and we suspect others do too. We’ll be publishing the list of amazing women who are attending in our private online forum - it gives everyone a chance to perve at each other’s work and come up with effusive compliments and witty remarks ahead of the event.  

Q. But what is an Un-Conference?

An un-conference is, technically, an informal exchange of information and ideas between participants. Yes, we have a great lineup of presenters and panelists, but we also know that the attendees in the room have a wealth of knowledge and we want to engage with that and share. Make Nice caters for women who have experience under their belt - so they have opinions and ideas that we want to hear about. Having an un-conference helps us facilitate this kind of exchange at all levels, it encourages people to get to know who is in the room and is far less passive than traditional conferences.

You can expect two days of programming that includes keynote presentations, panels and round-table discussions curated by those in the room. These sessions are balanced out with plenty of good times - opening night drinks, breakfast, coffee and tea, and a dinner and dance party included in the ticket price.

Check out the pdf program here.

Q. I'm not from Sydney. Should I come? What else can I do? 

Yes! We have so many amazing women coming from places like Manila, Auckland, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Vivid Festival is on which has so many fabulous events (Spike Jonze everybody!?). PLUS we've made a lil Make Nice Sydney Guide for you all, with some of our favourite things to eat, drink, see and do in this beaut city. Download it here and get planning! 

Q. What if I’m a bit nervous?

Yeah, we get that sometimes too. It can feel intimidating to meet a whole bunch of strangers and then be expected to chat and be interesting. Here’s our hot-tips to make sure you get the most out of Make Nice:

Look online. Look and see if there is someone attending you’d really like to meet - maybe even send them an email asking to meet for a coffee during the event. We’ve met so many then idols who are now friends and colleagues in this way. We think it’s so valuable we actually built it in - each attendee will receive a list of the group before they arrive so that they can research and build up that confidence.

Prepare.  We’re geeks and we like to prepare questions. Not necessarily written in your notebook or memorised verbatim - but just a normal (non-gushy) question you can ask someone who you are nervous about meeting. Ngaio sometimes works at music festivals and always ask her favourite bands ‘what should I see in <insert hometown of musician> that a guidebook wouldn’t know about?’. It stops her looking like a fool and helps her to relax a bit. It has also resulted in some awesome travel tips!

Go alone.  You know what it’s like, whenever you head to events with a friend, it’s hard to leave your comfort zone. If you go alone it’s easier to push yourself to talk to people.

Get yourself a drink. The reason we have breakfast, dinner, coffee, tea and a party built into our programming at Make Nice is so that striking up a conversation comes naturally - a coffee or wine (or some slick dance moves) can make all the different when you are nervous. At Make Nice we will also be actively encouraging women to talk to each-other (in a non-smarmy way) and ask everyone to check their egos at the door. We hope to make it as non-awkward and genuinely friendly as possible!

Q. I’m worried Make Nice is going to be weird. Is it going to be weird?

Oh It’ll be weird - but in the best kind of way. We’ll promise you are few things though - 

- We promise to keep it real
- We promise to strike just the right balance between inspiration and actual business know-how
- We promise to include a fair amount of laughs (making nice means making fun)
- We promise to make it relevant to you, no matter what your field or background
- We promise to play good tunes
- We promise not to sing along too loudly to said tunes (kind of)
- We promise to share the best and most useful stories
- We will not bore you with talks you’ve heard before
- We promise you will feel included and valued
- We promise you will not find yourself in a grey conference room, playing on your phone
- We promise you will meet amazing humans
- We promise you will feel totes profesh
- We promise to challenge your thinking and shake up the way you do things
- We promise not to talk about ‘being a woman in the creative industry’ at all really - we understand that it informs some of your experiences, but that it doesn’t define you.
- We promise not to overcook things and overwhelm you with information
- We promise not to be preachy or wanky
- We promise to Make Nice

Q. Why did you decide to Make Nice?

We identified an opportunity to contribute to the contemporary ecology for female creatives in Australia. We wanted to profile and promote creative female talent in the industry. We wanted to contribute to an increased visibility of women in leadership roles and act as ambassadors for females in the arts in the public eye. We felt there was a growing desire for programming that addresses this sector challenge - Make Nice exists to provide more than a female perspective on the industry. We are addressing more than female talent at the top - we are addressing the need for an arts culture that promotes and grows healthy female relationships in the industry, influenced by the mentality that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. This is at the core of our work and has directed our program design towards an ‘un-conference’ model.

Q. Why can’t men Make Nice?

Right now, we want to work with women. Our first priority is building a supportive female creative community in Australia, and we felt we needed to make the event for those who identify as female to achieve this. We didn’t feel like women were being represented in a lot of what we were seeing, reading and hearing so we thought we’d step in and create it ourselves. We believe that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. We see the success of women as the success of the industry as a whole.

Q. I am a business owner, philanthropist, organisation that wants to support Make Nice, how do I do it?

Great! We are on the lookout for like-minded businesses, philanthropists and funders to help support and grow Make Nice. Join the likes of our founding partners and sponsors for the 2016 event and future iterations. Email Ngaio at hello@make-nice.com.au and say hello!

Q. How do I get in touch about media partnerships? 

Please take a look at our media partnership opportunities here.
If you like what you see and want to get in contact please email Tess at tess@tesscameron.com