Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can Make Nice?

We developed Make Nice to support creative women, including (but not limited to) graphic, interior, and fashion designers, curators, artists, freelancers, producers, photographers, artistic directors, writers, stylists, and illustrators. Attendees can expect to engage in keynote talks and panel discussions as well as build genuine connections and share stories with like-minded professionals. Hurrah for that!

What’s an Un-Conference anyway?

We call it an un-conference because we do things a little differently. Our format is participant-led and we are committed to creating an engaging, collegial experience.

This means you get a say in the topics our panels tackle. It means you get to spend the day alongside, not just in front of, our speakers; it means they’ll be talking about the hard stuff as well as the good; it means that we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of having fun; it means that you won’t get bored or nervous, standing in a corner alone checking your phone (look, we’ve all been there).

So just women then?

Yup. Right now, we feel that the best way to support the work of women in the creative industries is to work together to celebrate and elevate. If you identify as female, have a creative career and knowledge you want to impart with other like-minded contemporaries, then Make Nice is for you.

It sounds a bit different to last year?

Yes and no. If you came along in 2016, you can expect the same approach and the same emphasis on quality and community. We’ve worked hard on our programming to make sure you get a hell of a lot out of the day. Not to mention the night *rum emoji*.  

I'm worried it's going to be weird. Is it going to be weird?

Oh It’ll be weird - but in the best kind of way. We firmly believe that interesting and amazing things happen when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone, when you meet and get to know new people, and when you open up to new ideas and ways of creating. We also believe in the power of the dancefloor.

Why did you decide to Make Nice? 

We identified an opportunity to contribute to the contemporary ecology for female creatives in Australia. We wanted to profile and promote creative female talent in the industry. We wanted to contribute to an increased visibility of women in leadership roles and act as ambassadors for females in the arts in the public eye. We felt there was a growing desire for programming that addresses this sector challenge - Make Nice exists to provide more than a female perspective on the industry. We are addressing more than female talent at the top - we are addressing the need for an arts culture that promotes and grows healthy female relationships in the industry, influenced by the mentality that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. This is at the core of our work and has directed our program design towards an ‘un-conference’ model.

Why should I Make Nice?

Making time to Make Nice will help grow your creative practice – through the inspiring stories of our keynotes, the professional advice and panel discussions, the connections with other attendees and the ideas and support that comes from bringing a diverse and talented group of women together. We are all about working through practical solutions to some of your most prescient business and life conundrums, we think an un-conference should be as useful as it is inspiring.  

I'm not from Sydney. Should I come? What else can I do?

Yes! We have so many amazing women coming from all over, and it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to a Sydney weekender. We made a lil Make Nice Sydney Guide for you all, with some of our favourite things to eat, drink, see and do in this beaut city - download it here.

And don't forget we've got you 15% off your stay with our partner, The Old Clare

Just enter the code ‘MakeNice’ on check-out, or when you book via email. The offer is valid from 18 to 28 September, subject to availability. Only the nicest boutique hotel in town, please and thank you! 

Anything else? 

If you have any other questions, maybe an idea or you just want to send us a high-five, please don't hesitate to get in touch