Meet our Founding Partners and Sponsors

Situated along the re-developed Kensington Street precinct, The Old Clare Hotel has a rich, varied history and architecture. Chippendale has become the home of choice for dozens of art galleries, production houses, graphic and fashion design studios, plus Sydney’s most exciting new restaurants, cafés and bars. Make Nice attendees to have access to 15% off best available rates for The Old Clare Hotel.

aMBUSH Gallery is much more than a physical exhibition space. It’s an innovative program of site-specific, project-based art activations stemming from a unique fusion of philanthropic and commercial impulses.

This multi-award winning gallery has demonstrated history of staging highly successful activations, which not only engage and entertain new audiences, but also provide sustainable futures for emerging and established artists. aMBUSH Gallery, which is an initiative of Wiltshire + Dimas Management, has made a significant contribution to the social, economic and cultural development of metropolitan and regional Australia. Major projects have included the groundbreaking Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island, which was the biggest street art festival in the world, and Project Five, an initiative which provides opportunities for artistic youth in Sydney. 

Spectacularly located 'downtown' at the southern edge of the CBD, Central Park is a $2 billion 21st-century urban village occupying nearly 6 hectares on the site of the former Carlton and United Brewery on Broadway. Blending old and new architecture to provide an exceptional destination to live, work and relax, Central Park ensures its buildings improve livability and enrich the surroundings. This is the story of a city within a city. With 11 buildings, 1,800 apartments and a lively collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, laneways, terraces and offices, Central Park transforms the old Brewery site in Chippendale into an intelligent interplay of buildings and public spaces, and raises the benchmark for sustainable living globally. At the centre of the development is Central Park Mall - a retail hub unlike any other. This multi-level vertical mall boasts a sun-drenched emporium, future-forward sustainable architecture, free Wi-Fi and extended trading hours. 

Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas, the largest of its kind in the world. From May 27 to June 18, 2016, the event will feature an outdoor ‘gallery’ of extraordinary lighting sculptures, a cutting-edge contemporary music program, some of the world’s most important creative industry forums and the spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails. More than 1.7 million people attended Vivid Sydney 2015, making it the largest event of its kind in the world. Vivid Sydney was named Australian Event of the Year in 2013, Australia’s Best Tourism Event in 2013-2015 and won a Helpmann Award for Best Special Event in 2014. In 2015, Vivid Sydney received top honours at the Pacific Asia Travel Association Grand and Gold Awards in the Marketing–State Government Destination category. Destination NSW was also awarded seven accolades at the 2015 IFEA Pinnacle Awards for its marketing and promotion of Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency.


Adobe provide digital media and marketing solutions worldwide. They’re a big deal.  They have a focus on gender diversity in the workplace and love showcasing their female leaders. They also believe in work / life balance, building a nurturing environment and supporting initiatives like Make Nice - hurrah for that!.

Broadly is a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women's experiences. Through original reporting and documentary film, we provide a sustained focus on the issues that matter most to women. As one YouTube commenter succinctly put it: "So basicly [sic] vice but excluding anything of relevance that includes men."

frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are. Dedicated to celebrating fashion, art, craft, music, travel, design, photography, and pop culture’s quirkier aspects – frankie aims to surprise and delight readers with every turn of its beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so.

Cake Wines is a relatively new winery, created by a couple of young wine makers and young wine lovers who share a collective love for the world and culture of wine. Started literally out of the back of a truck by Mike Smith and Glen Cassidy, together with wine making friends Sarah and Tim Burvill, and now a growing list of exciting young wine makers, we set out on a journey to do something different, to see how far we could push things, to see what we could discover. We make wines predominantly from the Adelaide Hills but don't believe in a "one size fits all" viticultural approach.

Nadine Ingram earned her stripes as a pastry chef in Michelin star restaurants. After completing her apprenticeship in the Hunter Valley, Nadine boarded a plane for London then walked straight into the kitchen of Le Gavroche where she worked fine tuning her craft. After another stint at Richard Corrigan’s Lindsay House in Soho where she learned to fight as good as the boys, she moved oto the The Ivy where the culture became dramatically more civilized despite it being a male dominated industry. Long hours and days soon paid off and Nadine later gained the role of head Pastry chef at Le Caprice continuing to carve a place out for herself in baking. After the birth of her first daughter Poppy, she moved back to Sydney where she worked for MG garage and our beloved Bourke Street Bakery developing a lot of recipes for their rapidly expanding empire. Shortly after the birth of her second daughter Ruby, Nadine built a business called Cookie couture, making knock out hand iced gingerbread from her kitchen bench. In the first year the business went from supplying one café to 25 cafes, whilst the bassinet became a permanent fixture in her kitchen. Then by the time Ruby was three Cookie Couture was being shipped to all Thomas dux stores in NSW and VIC as well. It's the opening of her very own bakery, Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo, that has finally seen Ingram fulfil a lifelong ambition. Flour and Stone has become famed for the Pannacotta Lamington although it’s probably the Fine apple tart that Nadine prefers to call her signature. Nadine attributes her success to hard work not luck.

Founded in 2007, Carbon8 is Sydney’s premium digital print house and a trusted advisor to the leading creative agencies and corporates.

May Tree Studios is a vibrant design team.  Our approach is to make the client front and centre to our design process - we design with them, not for them.  We actively pursue projects that encourage the re-use of existing buildings and materials.  We believe that great architecture is beautiful through its constraint, its usefulness and its balance.  Our approach means we can offer design services and outcomes for every budget.  To achieve this we keep our communication simple, our project management sharp and our end game clear - great architecture and interior design that speaks for itself.  Owner and architect Rebecca Caldwell, has worked in small and large firms over the past 12 years, collecting knowledge that spans from bespoke residential design through to major public and institutional architecture.  Rebecca enjoys creating a space where people are valued, listened to and excited about the process of design. Rebecca is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects and regular contributor to local architecture conversations in Queensland.

Hannah Brady is a Sydney based creative consultant with a focus on aesthetic development, book design, event installation, interior & exterior design. Her approach to interiors & spaces is artisanal and holistic. Each project is established with intrinsic consideration for frames & character. The common thread through all of the projects that Hannah & the studio takes on is that every space should serve humble everyday needs. Hannah is known as jack of all trades which has led her to assisting some of Australia’s most accomplished stylists, architects and interior designers.

Beautifully presented, locally made whole food greatness. Preservative-free, no refined sugars, low salt, dairy free, vegan-friendly. Founded by Alex Lawson and Karina Parry, Love Soup is dedicated to the craft of eating beautifully. Using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, our produce is passionately handcrafted in small batches, each week from Australia’s Bondi Beach.

Two Birds Brewing launched in 2011 and are Australia’s first female owned and operated brewing company. Jayne and Danielle take pride in nurturing balanced, flavoursome and approachable brews. In 2014 they found a home in Spotswood Melbourne’s inner west, turning an Engineering and tool making factory into a Brewery and Tasting Room, known as “The Nest”.

Two Birds make the kind of beers that they enjoy drinking, so they make beers that have flavour and interest, while being clean, sessionable and approachable. Two Birds Brewing believe in balance, both in beer and in life, so they aim to make the kind of beers that suit good times with your mates and also that match whatever is on your plate.

At Sensory Lab, we’re on a constant mission to deliver you the ultimate coffee experience. Again. And again. From sourcing the finest beans on the planet, to perfecting our roast profiles to make sure your coffee blend is balanced and refined to the n’th degree, we’re obsessive about ensuring the coffee in your cup is the greatest sensory experience you’ll have.

Sensory Lab is a member of the St Ali Family. St Ali Family is a pioneering Specialty Coffee company based in Melbourne that supply like minded partners across Australia and overseas. The business comprises a wholesale roastery, cafe & retail espresso bars and an online presence. St Ali Family combines science and passion to continually pioneer innovation in the specialty coffee industry. They employ many talented and high profile members of the Specialty Coffee community. This talent is injected into education, research and development, production and management. The team is made up of  World Champion Baristas, World Championship Coffee Judges and industry leaders.

Carbon8 are a printing company and trusted advisor to a range of leading creative agencies, corporates and individuals. We strive to bring a new level of service and guidance to our customer engagements. We aim to push the envelope by investing significant time and energy in developing unique ways to allow our client's marketing materials to cut through and better represent them. In an industry that is known for being filled to the brim with old men, we are two slightly younger men, 5 women and a bunch of other men who really love what we do and are proud to be supporting Make Nice and creative women (and men) everywhere."

T Totaler is a Sydney based loose leaf tea company who creates unique and locally grown loose leaf tea and herbal blends. They have a tea bar in Newtown, Sydney where you can try over thirty of their blends which have a native Australian grown focus. All their tea is packaged in environmentally friendly apothecary jars which you can bring back for a refill. From experimental brew methods to the traditional cup visit T Totaler at 555a King Street, Newtown.

Spread Australia is a creative agency based in Brisbane specialising in Graphic Design, Audiovisual Production and Web Design. We believe in the creation of a ideas with impactful messages.

We’re The Print Bar - a creative studio and innovative Australian owned and run garment printing company. We’re in the business of print, design and creativity and are proud to say we’ve garnered a reputation for our top notch digital prints, screen prints, embroidery and vinyl prints. Run by a team of designers, artists and print specialists, The Print Bar’s goal is to take our client’s plans from ideas to print. Like most ideas, The Print Bar came from humble beginnings. Starting out in the suburbs of Brisbane, we’ve rapidly grown over recent years, expanding our worker family and our printer family along with it. We've got big plans to expand into garment production, increase our support of ethical manufacturing and improve our product and print time standards. We're excited for what the future holds - why not join us for the journey?

Make Nice receives funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.

Make Nice is receiving photography support from Alex Carlyle.
Alex Carlyle is over the moon to be doing what she loves every day and calling it "work". As cheesy as it may sound, she sees the magic and beauty in everything and everyone, and is just as likely to be taking photos on her days off as on a work day - Alex likes to document everything. She treats each job like a treasure hunt, her favourite moments are those where she can catch people being natural and truly enjoying themselves, that's the gold. Stylistically, Alex's photos are bright, clean, and classic - a like an image that can't go out of date.

Make Nice is receiving photography support from Sam Riles Photography.

Climbing trees, roasting macadamias from her garden and running wildly into neighbouring paddocks, with a camera strapped around her wrist, was one of the many joys Sam remembers of growing up in Berry. Initially starting out using a point & shoot film camera at University, Sam soon learnt the value of each photograph on a roll of film, which in turn heavily influenced her concise style to shooting in digital today. In the years since graduating Sam has explored various mediums, but has fallen in love with lifestyle photography. She has worked as a freelance photographer on weddings, family portraits, fashion looks, start-up business', blogs, e-commerce, and collaborations with fellow creatives on past and upcoming projects. Sam Riles' true passion lies in capturing rare moments in the everyday, where movement and light come into play and an image is created resulting in accidental beauty. 

Make Nice receives Videography support from Hannah Mccowatt.
Hannah Mccowatt is a freelance photographer and videographer based in Sydney who contributes to a number of online and print magazines, currently working at SBS Broadcasting. With a massive obsession with sunrises you can find her most mornings swimming and taking photos by the sea before work. (portrait attached)

Make Nice receives additional support from