Meet The Team


Ngaio Parr, Founder and Director

Ngaio is an illustrator, multidisciplinary designer, and curator who enjoys doing a lot of things at the same time. She works with clients like, Thames & Hudson, Redbull, Young Henrys, and Sibella Court from her independent studio. While she's not the overlord at Make Nice, she also consults for companies, and teaches illustration and design at the University of Technology Sydney. In her spare time, Ngaio is a fan of ice-cream (of all kinds), Law & Order (of all kinds) and listening to people trying to pronounce her name (it's nigh-oh).


Meg Madden, Editor

Meg is a writer and editor. She spends her days writing public policy and her evenings writing for a range of online and print publications. She likes reading books, sending messy postcards and volunteering with the Sydney Story Factory.


Alexandra Iljadica, Partnerships Manager

Alexandra joined the team at Make Nice after being converted to their powerful ways at the inaugural conference. As the co-founder of Youth Food Movement she spends the bulk of her day crafting thoughtful projects around food (aka, bringing farmers into a city pub to share their story) and generally being a boss. She gets a kick out of driving fast in her Porsche 944 and writing heartfelt cards to friends and family.


Sophia Somerville, Social Media Coordinator

Sophia writes short things to match her height. She lives in Sydney and teaches yoga in her lounge room. You will find her blogging at, instagramming at Make Nice, or drinking a Negroni on the balcony.  

Yvonne Moxham, Creative Producer

Yvonne is an experienced and versatile producer with high levels of moxie. She juggles freelance projects for creative and commercial clients, with an emerging life as a musician. She has strong personal style and an obsessive need to thrift all the time.