100% of attendees said they would recommend Make Nice to friends, and 'hell yes' attend again. 


What did you enjoy most about going to Make Nice 2016? 

"Being inspired and empowered by amazing creative women and leaving with amazing new friends!"


"Being able to connect with the speakers in such a close-knit environment."


"I enjoyed the variety of careers represented in the speakers/attendees. It's great opening up the people you're exposed to when you're so often surrounded by people in the same career as you."


"The interaction between all the ladies and the honesty and comfortable vibe of the event."


"Hearing Niccola Phillips give such blunt, useful advice on the panel with Jess Scully. Their discussion has changed the way I work."


"The general vibe of the event was just perfect. So many talented, clever ladies in the room and everyone was incredibly respectful of everyone's individual offering."


"Literally everything was great. I think you had a really great balance between keynotes, panels, and the group discussion."

What was your key takeaway from Make Nice 2016?

"There are, in fact, females in the creative industries that are not only smart, supportive, funny, and talented - but want to help me and be my friends!"


"I know that I will be supported, empowered and championed by a very special community of creative women throughout my career and in my life."


"A feeling of renewed inspiration."


"Women are fucking awesome."


"Generally, a wonderful connection with other female creatives. It left me feeling more fearless, supported and inspired."


"Women have the talent and skills, not so much the voice or presence."