The Un-Conference

This past September, we welcome over 250 women into the second-annual Make Nice Un-Conference for Creative Women.

Make Nice is an online community and real-life Un-Conference for creative women, and our 2017 event was nothing short of a cracker. We have a full day of inspiring, useful, productive, thoughtful and powerful content (aka, program of our / your dreams).  

As far as professional development goes, this was *quite* the affair. We invited all the best people to collaborate and connect - our attendees are illustrators, writers, editors, photographers, designers, makers, bakers, curators, singers and songwriters, gamers and painters, amongst others, it was very good company! 

We've had Keynote Talks, Town Hall Sessions and Roundtable Discussions that tackle all the big issues. And we fostered a not-gross networking environment, where all kinds of new project, clients, and collaborators have been found.

And our speakers? They were world-class and nice as hell - seriously, we couldn’t believe our luck with these women.

Our Partners

To pull all this off we worked with some amazing Partners this year. We were so excited to have the good folks at Adobe, The Old Clare, Eskimo, Milligram Studio, Alpha Box and Dice, AHD Paper Co. and The Print Bar on board.

MN_23-9-17_Yaya Stempler-2524.jpg
MN_23-9-17_Yaya Stempler-3493.jpg