Our Un-Conference

In our continued efforts to do the crazy-amazing things we dream up, we are excited about presenting Make Nice: An Unconference for Creative Women in Sydney in September 2017.  

To start with, you can expect some in-depth and collaborative town-hall like discussions. We’re inviting some very inspiring (read: hero level) creatives to lead our talks, and will open the floor up to our network of Make Nice women to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

We’re also building some practical, interesting, super-useful and very fun workshops. We know some professionals who can actually support you, and want to set aside a couple of hours of strategy and advice to help you live your best life.

And don’t worry, our social skills and ability to laugh, have fun and be inspired and excited by each other is still one of our best qualities. We’re definitely planning some socials because we think having a working (and sometimes drinking) relationship with women across a range of industries and fields makes life better. We also have the in on some of the best places in Sydney and will think of any excuse to make a night of it.

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