Make Nice is a platform for creative women. 

We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and we are building a space for women to be supported and celebrated in a practical and fun way. We are passionate about the arts, and know that building a career as a freelancer, or as a corporate creative can be tough. 

Our three day ‘un-conference’ brought together 150 of Australia’s brightest females to learn and play. Our site showcases the work of women we admire and provides insights into how they Make Nice. Our Slack channel is home to a thriving global (yup, GLOBAL) network of amazing creatives, who ask professional questions, talk about pay, call for help, chat about playlists, share ideas and resources (and especially good dessert recipes) and make day-to-day life a bit easier. Often in GIF form. And our Town Halls, Workshops and Socials are coming together to make 2017 a whole lot of amazing. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

Up Next (Ahem, 2017!)

It’s looking like an amazing year ahead for Make Nice.
In 2017 we’re planning to wow you with:

Some in-depth and collaborative Town Hall discussions, the kind of old-school format where everyone gets to have their say. We’re inviting some very inspiring (read: hero-level) creatives to lead our talks, and open up the floor to our network of amazing Make Nice women to share and learn from each other’s experiences. We're going for a kind of high school sleepover vibe where you have really great discussions and insights, except without the hair braiding.

A series of practical, interesting, super useful and very fun Workshops. Throughout the year, we plan on bringing professionals in to talk about the stuff that will actually help to support you. Two hours of strategy and advice to live your best life, whether that be by way of how to ‘Get Un-Stuck’, ‘Negotiate Like a Champ’ or learn about ‘Routines and Habits’ and ‘Collaborations and Partnerships’.  

Our social skills and ability to laugh, have fun and be inspired and excited by each other. We’re including Socials in our program because we think having a working (read: drinking) relationship with women across a range of industries and fields makes life better. Maybe you’ll meet someone you want to collaborate with, mentor, refer work to, call for help, meet for coffee, be held accountable to or just share recipes with. Also, we have the in on some of the best places around Sydney and will think of any excuse to make a night of it.

Our 'Un'Conference.

Back in June 2016 we launched Make Nice with a three-day ‘un-conference’ as part of Vivid Ideas. We wanted to provide practical advice for working in the creative industries, promote the importance of a thriving and supportive professional ecology, and foster ongoing dialogue for the continued exchange of ideas. You know, no biggie. Our program was built around our experiences in the creative industries and our hopes for change. We handpicked our keynotes for their depth of experience and ability to inspire, and programmed our panels to address the overarching themes we see as central to the success of all women.

In our Keynote sessions, Leslie David, Adi Goodrich, Elizabeth Weinberg and Suzy Tuxen discussed the turning points in their careers, the issues that are important to them, and the lessons they’ve learnt that have got them where they are today.

Our Panel sessions focused on two important ideas within the creative industries. First up we had Adi Goodrich, Leslie David, Brodie Lancaster, Elize Strydom, and Ngaio Parr discuss Co-Current Careers - To Specialise or Generalise? Followed by Elizabeth Weinberg, Suzy Tuxen, Jess Scully, Niccola Phillips, and Alex Winters discussing Invisible Economies and Workplace Culture. We had Round-tables! These were informal sessions each afternoon, featuring all of our speakers, as well as special (as in, specialist) guests discussing practical topics in small groups of ten or so.

To get through all this we had very good coffee, comfy chairs and goodie bags full of swag. And because we’re just crazy enough to think it would work, we also invited everyone to a dinner and dance party. It is our experience that the best way to cement a new friendship includes rum and a killer (all-female) playlist.

The whole thing was dynamic, inspiring and - we were delighted to hear - very useful. We had a ball.