Purpose Conference Recap

Harriet Jane Designs  via Kalinya Communications

Harriet Jane Designs via Kalinya Communications

Back in December, Ngaio and I were lucky enough to attend PURPOSE, a conference for purpose-driven business here in Sydney. It was two days of learning and insight that aligned beautifully with what had been an enormous year for Make Nice. We connected dots, wrote big lists and got excited about the future. It really knocked our socks off.

Purpose specialises in bringing together emerging and powerful leaders of values-driven business, which is about the best crowd to instill hope and passion for the future, let me tell you. We met and heard from a whole heap of ridiculously inspiring people who work to make our communities more interesting and equitable. These are businesses who have their priorities right. The talks, panels and workshops managed the exact right balance of inspiration and practical know-how. We learnt about governance, legal and economic practices in a challenging and engaging way. We refined our ideas and developed better strategies to make them happen. It was so damn good to be able to inject some of our creative ideals into serious business conversations.

As always, there were some stand-out ladies whose work we were especially impressed by.

Jirra Lulla

Jirra is the managing director of Kalinya Communications, a boutique marketing firm that promotes positive images of Aboriginality. Kalinya is Yorta Yorta for ‘good, beautiful and honest’, and her talk was all that and more. Jirra tied together so perfectly the traditions and ideas of her people with the work of Purpose. For an audience intent on making positive change in the world, the Indigenous commitment to stewardship, the respect and care given to country, was a perfect starting point for our two days of learning.

Natasha Ritz

As brand and communications manager of Lush Cosmetics, Natasha oversees one hell of a diverse, beautiful, ethical, inclusive and FUN brand. What I loved about Natasha's talk and the work of Lush was the genuine passion for and dedication to making good products, and making people feel good. Be it the production, the packaging or the marketing, she emphasised the importance of values and purpose every step of the way. We nodded profusely. Her positive energy and dynamic approach was contagious and entirely commendable - Lush staff and customers are treasured and respected, and don’t even start me on how amazing their shops smell.

Anna Lise De Lorenzo

Anna Lise de Lorenzo of MakerSpace & Company had SO. MUCH. TO. SHARE. Her experience conceiving of and then building her dream, through setbacks and logistical challenges and always with a high standard of care was really heartening for us. It’s never easy, but there is community to be had if you’re doing something that resonates. The panel Anna Lise was part of emphasised some really valuable lessons for us, in ensuring scale matches capability. That is, ideas are wonderful but take it slow, you can only only grow when you are supported by integrity and expertise.

- Meg

Project development at  MakerSpace & Co  in Marrickville

Project development at MakerSpace & Co in Marrickville

Lush  fighting the good fight.

Lush fighting the good fight.

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