Paloma Avila, Graphic Designer

Paloma Avila is with us all the way from Madrid, sharing her beautiful designs and inspiring approach to her work and her community. She's a woman after our own hearts, and we loved getting to know her a little more with these responses. 

What do you do?

I am a graphic designer, art director, and entrepreneur. Founder of my own creative studio called Half & Twice. I also host Ladies, Wine & Design in Madrid, collect beautifully designed products, which I later photograph and showcase on my inspirational blog The Garret, interview a bunch of people I admire, and try to get involved in as many side projects, collaborations, and networking opportunities as possible. Life is short!

Do you have a maxim that you live and work by?

Enjoy the journey :)

What are the three milestones that have led you to where you stand?

Living in the States (which I’ve done 3 times to date), becoming a freelancer, and launching Half & Twice.


hat projects do you have in the pipeline?

Right now I’m planning my next workshop, which is about creating websites with Squarespace.

What is your dream project?

I probably have too many dream projects. Publishing a magazine or a book is one of them.

What’s something surprising about you, that we might not know?

I watch every season of F•R•I•E•N•D•S, from start to finish, once a year.

What places are important to you?

NYC, the USA in general, my home and my studio in Madrid.

What is the best advice you’ve been given, or wish you had been told sooner?

Be patient. First things first.

Do you have a supportive female network in your field? Was it always this way?

Last year, Jessica Walsh started Ladies, Wine & Design and invited other cities around the world to join in with the initiative. A year later, there are more than 85 chapters and we’ve been hosting the event here in Madrid from the beginning! It brings together creative ladies and guest speakers and the aim is to create an open forum for ideas and, along the way, promote the role of women within the creative industries. Getting involved in this type of initiative has been really eye-opening and I am discovering a lot of smart female networks that really impress and inspire me.

Can you share a creative experience that you have found defining?

Visiting art galleries in Chelsea, NY.

What are you listening to, reading, watching of late, that is inspiring or entertaining you?

I like reading KINFOLK and all kinds of design magazines and books for inspiration, and watching a series on Netflix for entertainment.

What is one facet of your field that you want to see change?

I would like society to be more aware of what design can do to change our lives, and want people to respect our profession, especially in Spain, where it hasn't really received enough recognition yet.

What do you want to be asked about that no one ever asks you?

If there’s something I regret doing (or not doing) in my work life. And my answer would probably be, not standing up enough for my design criteria with certain (difficult) clients.

How can we find our more about your work?

The studio website:

LW&D Madrid:

The Garret:

Who would you most like to answer these questions next?

Roanne Adams is the first name that comes to mind, but there are definitely many women that I would love to see answer these questions.